We’re Jeff and Maddy Wilson of Wandering Wilsons.

 We’re both creators. Creators of cookouts, of campouts, of hikes, dives, climbs, and of just plain FUN. We love creating all of our adventures together as a couple and sharing those memories here with you.

But above all, we love creating awesome adventurous moments with like-minded people, and helping those people make memories they can cherish for a lifetime.

Sound like something you’re into? GOOD! We’re glad you’re here!

Want to go somewhere, but don’t know where to start? Want epic photos of your most-cherished moments outside?

We’re your people. 

We can help you climb through the clutter, come up with a plan, get you on the adventure you’re dreaming of and document it in the most true-to-you fashion there is.

Want to work together? Pop a message down below and we’ll be in touch with you ASAP!

Wandering Wilsons on Roys Peak in New Zealand || Wandering Wilsons