The beaches in southern Bali are what the island is known for. They are what draw people in to relax, surf, eat, drink, and stay. So many expats live in this area that it often… View Post

We’ve lived in Australia for a year, and we’ve had some seriously awesome adventures so far, but we still have so many places we want to see and experience. We’re sharing this to hopefully inspire y’all to take your own big Australian adventure someday, to come and visit us, and to keep us accountable. We want to do as many of these things as we can before we move along to the next destination in our life! … View Post

We’ve talked a lot about Bali over on our Instagram, but there’s so much to share and little captions just don’t cut it. With beaches and sunsets and surfing galore, delectable food, lush rainforests, and some of the nicest people on the planet, Bali has a lot to offer… But it also surprised us in some not-so-dreamy ways. … View Post

Indonesia is one of the premier dive spots in the entire world. Some people call this land the ‘Garden of Eden’ of diving because so many species either call this area home or pass through its cool-temperature waters. The strong currents in the region stir up nutrients like a bartender making your favorite cocktail, and Komodo National Park serves a year-long happy hour.… View Post

We recently had the chance to spend 6 days in Jordan, thanks to the Jordan Tourism Board, Royal Jordanian airlines, and our friends Collette and Scott of Roamaroo. Visit Jordan stacked our itinerary with the highlights of the country, and it was just enough time for us to KNOW we’ll be back for more. Below is our Jordan itinerary and highlights of where we stayed, ate, and explored:… View Post